Welcome to the Holy Family Missionaries of Mercy!

Our charism is mercy and we live the spirituality of God's unfathomable mercy by fostering the presence of our merciful God and making a daily effort to become mercy incarnate starting in our community and to our mission. we do a daily reflection of the mercy of God in our own personal lives, which helps us to in turn reach out in mercy. reaching out in mercy means that we forgive someone who really deserves to face our wrath, to say it differently, mercy triumphs over justice. Hence blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy. the story of the prodigal son, well illustrates what the mercy of God is all about. in the court of our merciful God, when you play guilty, you are forgiven, but in the world's court, when you play guilty, you are thrown into prison and even face a death penalty. So why not come to the court of our merciful God and experience God's unfathomable mercy in your own life which will in turn help you to learn how to reach out in mercy to those who have hurt you in anyway. we resemble God most, when we show mercy, so why not come and know what it is like to resemble God and to be God's disciple of mercy.

The ministry of the Holy Family Missionaries of Mercy

We evangelize and re-evangelize families (evangelizing and re-evangelizing families in the comfort of their own homes.) We do prison ministry by visiting prison in-mates and a support group for those transitioning from prison and jail into society. We go in haste to all those who have lost hope in themselves by sharing with them the good news of God's inexplicable mercy. We strive to bring back family values in families ministering to those whose loved ones are incarcerated. We help poor families with the three basic necessities in life "food, clothing, and shelter". We take care of sick and hungry children with their families. We are still developing our ministry, but our mission is centered on families.

We are currently providing clean water to our mission in Africa and we need financial support to be able to provide clean water to the villages. We need financial aid to be able to purchase generators that are needed in pumping water. We have a dvd documentary of the bore hole water project and you can click to the link to learn more.

We would love you to join us in our mission of making our world a better place and doing something positive. Let us not be indifferent to the plight of our needy brothers and sisters, because we are all connected as human beings. We are in need of funds to send children to school (scholarship funds). We just bought a property over in Africa where to build a soup kitchen, food pantry, and a Family Resource Center where families can come to work and earn a living to be able to take care of the children God has placed under their care. We are in need of a four wheel drive Toyota Tundra truck for transporting building materials and food to the soup kitchen. Your donations are welcomed, and for more information, contact us

Please help us, and you will never go unrewarded. We have 501C3 which makes all contributions to our mission tax-deductible.

May God bless you and your family!

For more information, please contact:
Sister M. Chidiebere Onyewuchi 
Servant General of Holy Family Missionaries of Mercy
Phone: (941) 822 4578 
E-mail: familiesforchristjesus@gmail.com
Website: www.holyfamilymissionariesofmercy.org

(Contact Sister Chidiebere)